Kingsley Low Rental Housing Society

Parksville, BC, Canada

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THE KINGSLEY LOW RENTAL HOUSING SOCIETY is a non-profit society that was established in 1965 to meet the shortage of affordable housing in the Parksville community and surrounding district. The Kingsley Manor property was donated by Arthur Bartlett and built by the Canadian legion in 1966 under the leadership of Charlie Baker and Jim Kingsley. Since then, the Society has developed and operates two housing projects, including the Kingsley Manor, a new 28 unit residential complex on Hirst Avenue, and the 36 unit Forty-Niner Manor on Moilliet Street. To be eligible to rent one of these units the tenant must qualify under criteria set by BC Housing policy. 

The Society's mission is to be a provider, advocate and resource for persons needing supportive housing. The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers with experience in construction and the operation of affordable housing, who work closely with other community service organizations and agencies to connect their clients to services they need. 


Please note that the Society does not directly process requests or applications. All applications must be made by visiting BC Housing online, or by filling out and mailing an application form from this website, or by picking up a form at The Society of Organized Services (SOS), located at 245 West Hirst Avenue, Parksville, BC. If you wish to be considered for a particular property, please make note of that on your application form. Note that all applications for housing are subject to need and housing availability. You will only be contacted if and when a suitable unit is available for you. Also note that we are unable to provide emergency housing or shelter. Applications for non-subsidized, low-end market housing at Forty Niner Manor can also be made by filling out and submitting a BC Housing application form.


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